REPORT – Professional Health Alliance at IMA House, IP Marg,

 New Delhi, India, on 21 April, 2013


Dr. Narendra Saini, Hony. Secretary General adorned the Honorable National President, Dr. K. Vijaya Kumar with the Presidential Medallion. The meeting was attended by the following participants:

Dr..K.VijayakumarNational President, IMA
Dr. D.R.RaiNational Vice President, IMA
Dr. Vinay AggarwalChairman, PHA
Dr. Narendra SainiHony. Secretary General, IMA
Dr.K.K.AggarwalNational Vice President, IMA( Elect)
Dr. K.N.SinghlaHony. Asst. Secretary, IMA
Dr. Ramesh BansalHony. Asst. Secretary, IMA
Dr. V.K. NarangCo-ordinator, IMA RNTCP Project
Dr. Shri Bhupendra KumarSecretary General,Indian Pharmacist Association
Dr. Suhas PingleIMA
Mrs.Sheila SedaSecrtary General, TNAI
Ex.Prof Dr.M.C.GuptaMD (Medicine) and Advocate
Dr. Navneet BidaniRepresentative IHMA and SDHA
Dr. Ashok ShrivastavaGeneral Secretary, Ayush Medical Association
Dr. Upendra SinghAyush Medical Association
Dr. O.P.BansalSecretary General, IRIA
Dr. Rejith AnandGeneral Secretary, Ayurveda Medical Association of India
Dr.V.G.Uday KumarMember- CCIM, Former President, AMAI
Dr. Sunil MittalChair, Parlimentry Committee IPS,Past President, Indian Psychiatric Society
Dr. Nandini SharmaSecretary, SDHA
Hkm. (Dr.)S.P. BhatnagarUnani Consultant- RML & DDU Hospital AND National President, Hakim Azmal Khan Memorial Society
Dr. R.A.ChoudhurySecretary, CC Ayush Medical Association  of India
Dr.D.SenWorking Committee Member, FMRAI
Dr.T.K.MitraGeneral Secretary, Delhi Sales and Medical Rep. organisation
Prof. A.PandaPresident, AIOS AND DODA
Dr Sreevals G  MenonNational Secretary,Indian Homoeopathic  Association

The Meeting  began with IMA prayers and Flag Salutation read by Dr. Rakesh K Gupta, Hony. Jt. Secretary, IMACGP and Convener of the Meeting.

Dr. K.Vijayakumar, National President, IMA thanked all the participants for their participation in this first meeting of Professional Health Alliance. He informed the House that IMA has organized this meeting in the form of family union. He informed the House about the vision of the IMA in terms of Building Partnership and Professional Health alliance across all health care providers. According to National President Unity is an important factor as shown by medical professionals of Tamil Nadu & Kerala.

Dr. Narendra Saini, Hony. Secretary General, IMA, welcomed National President and participants. He told that theme of IMA this year “Building Partnership in Healthcare”.  He was of the opinion that health profession is same for all of us and if we all are together every thing  possible. He told that inspite of suggestion of IMA HQs. to the govt. to increase the national health budget to 3-4% govt. has raised it marginally to 0.9%. Fighting NCHRH bill together, success was achieved. There are many bills and rules in pipe line like Clinical Establishment Act,  BSc community Health etc which will cause problem for all medical professionals in future. He opined further that these and common problems like pay scale, working hours and condition should be fought together.

Dr. Vinay Aggarwal, Chairman, Professional Health Alliance and Past National President, IMA, was of the opinion that we are fighting on the all issues related to the medical fraternity independently.  He observed that if we all come under one umbrella it will be a strong platform. It will have a strength of more than 10 million (1 crore). We can work “WITH THE GOVERNMENT OR OPPOSE THE GOVERNMENT” if required. Under this umbrella we all can work shoulder to shoulder on various health issues.  If any of us is in a problem, we all will fight united.  If we raise our voice collectively, we can advise the higher authorities or the government on any polices for the welfare of the medical fraternity, it will be heard.

He informed the House that IMA has initiated the Hospital Board of India with its headquarters at Maharashtra, which is working very well. He was very happy about formation of the Young Doctors Association. He wanted confederation of all associations of medical profession of India. He informed the House that it is a long pending dream to join all association together under one umbrella. He showed his happiness that many medical professional bodies have come together today. He was also of the opinion that the healthcare fraternity should sort out internal differences and this can be the platform to do so. He also suggested that alliance will take care of issue of every association and its member.

Dr. K.Vijayakumar, National President said, in Kerala association of Medical professionals have trained us to fight against Govt. but was very appreciative of Dr. Vinay Aggarwal for informing to work with government in providing quality Health Care.

Leaders of all the stakeholders thanked and welcomed the initiative taken by IMA of Meeting of Professional Health Alliance.  All were very enthusiastic to form alliance and work together. They were apprehensive of some differences or conflict of interest on one or two issues. It will be sorted out at same forum.

All of them were very happy for the  step taken by IMA  for the benefit of the healthcare professionals and the patients. Representative of various organization after lot of deliberation wanted to include their agenda in Common Minimum Programme. They raised many issues, few important are as follows.

  • Make an alliance .
  • Core Committee should be formed.
  • Policy/white paper of the Alliance.
  • Common Minimum Programs.
  • Harassment and violence against the healthcare professional to be stopped.
  • Alliance should come forward against all forms of quackery.
  • Campaign for Save the Girl Child.
  • Social Security Scheme to be started for the doctors of PHA.
  • Physical and financial security of the health care provider.
  • Ethical and Moral Issues should also be included.
  • Representative in state and central legislative bodies such as Rajya Sabha membership from the PHA
  • Continuing Medical Education and Research in all pathies.
  • Referral system between healthcare specialties and other domains
  • Insurance schemes for PHA members
  • Issues related to immigration of all health care providers.

Dr. Rakesh K Gupta, convener, concluded that health alliance’s goal is to develop a mutually beneficial relationship for all health care providers. It will result in delivery of the highest quality care to all citizens.

An important issue related to alliance was the formation of a professional Health Alliance. The name of this Alliance was declared as ALLIANCE OF HEALTH ASSOCIATION OF INDIA(AHAI).

  • The need of hours is to form an Alliance of all Health care professionals.
  • Common Minimum Programs (To include agenda of all associations under umbrella of AHAI).
  • Work together on common issues
  • Sort out differences amongst ourselves at forum of AHAI.
  •  Time bound meetings at National, State and District Levels of AHAI- First Meeting of State level within a one month.
  • All Health Care professional bodies should become member of AHAI.

In the last he gave vote of thanks to all the participants for coming & sparing their valuable time. He further thanked Mr. President, Secretary General and chairman PHA for their vision and initiation of this alliance.

Dr. Narendra Saini                                                                                           Dr. Rakesh K Gupta

Hony. Secretary General, IMA                                                                             Convener, AHAI


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