Membership Fee Indian Rupees 800/- per Year

The Package Include Membership, Subscription of Monthly Journal Aptha, Beneficiary of Aswas relief fund & Contribution to Legal Fund.


Members can attend the Activities like CME Programs (Registration Fee Applicable)

Aptha Monthly Journal of AMAI

The Members will receive the monthly journal any were in India. The Journal deals with different Issues of Ayurveda Community, Articles on Ayurveda Treatments, Practical Experiences, and Information about CME Programs etc.

Aswas Relief Fund

Member’s family is able to get the relief fund on death or any serious disability which need a financial support.

Legal Fund

Legal fund is the fund used to meet the Common Issues of Ayurveda Physicians Legally.

Membership Campaign

Usually the Membership campaign is in the month of October every Year.

How to get the Membership

The Application form for membership could be downloaded from the website. Filled up form, Membership fee along with supporting documents one can apply for Membership through Office bearers of District Committee or Area Committee. The Contact Details of District & Area Committee Office Bearers are in the website.

Renewal of Membership

The Membership is valid only for the Calendar year the renewal is done similarly every year.