Ayurveda for Social Health


Intensity of heat from sun is being increasing day by day and is affecting the life of people in major parts of the world. The number of sun stroke cases in Kerala was very less a few years before but now-a-days the number of cases had gone up resulting to the death of persons. In the past years the temperature was 360C which have been increased to 400C. The main reason for sun stroke is the intensity of heat coming from the sun.

The main symptoms shown by the person who is affected by sun stroke are colour change of the body along with burns which may later leads to giddiness, breathing difficulty and ultimately to death. During intense summer season if we take appropriate measures we can overcome the consequences of sun stroke to an extent.

The measures to be taken are;

  1. Drinking water frequently. If possible water boiled with Naruneendi , Ramacham(उशीर), Chandan (sandal) and malli (coriander) should be consumed.
  2. Carry water bottles during journeys.
  3. Water boiled with Guduchyadi Gana is very beneficial during this season.
  4. Drinking tender coconut water is also beneficial.
  5. Consumption of milk, ghee, butter and fruits in large are also beneficial.
  6. Avoid exposure to sunlight during day time; if necessary carry umbrella, wet cloth and water.
  7. Avoid food stuffs which are spicy, sour and salty especially pickles and alcohols as it aggravates body heat. Usage of sweet substances, easily digestible foods and foods which are unctuous in nature are to be promoted. These substances increase the strength of the body.
  8. Use dress which is light to wear and is made of cotton.
  9.  Persons who are exposed more to sun should drink a lot of water and should cover their head with wet cloth.

When a person is suddenly affecting sun stroke, he should be allowed to lie at cool place i.e., air conditioned rooms or tree shades. The patient should be provided cool air using a table fan or by any other means. Pouring of cold water over the body is also advisable.

It is better to apply turmeric powder or applying Aloe-Vera juice over the burns. The patient can be given Guduchyadi gana panakam or Mritasanjeevani Sura to drink.

Dr.V.C.Deep, MD (Ay)
Research officer [SCT-3]
NRIP Cheruthuruthy