AMAI Leaders along with Doctors visited Attappadi




1. Name (in block letters)                                             ::

2. Address                                                                       ::

3. Phone numbers/e-mail ID                                        ::

4. Registration No. and date                                        ::

5. Qualifications registered:




6. Purpose for the certificate  CCIE 400-101              ::

7. Whether new Registration certificate with              ::

Security features has been obtained or not

8. Details of fee remitted:

Amount                                                                              ::

No. and date of Chalan/DD                                            ::

9. If required to send the certificate directly               ::

from the Council by speed post SY0-301 exam or by fax

or by e-mail to abroad, give full address/details of fax number/e-mail ID


 I, Dr. …………………………………………, do hereby declare that no disciplinary action has been taken or is pending against me by the Medical Council of India or by any State Medical Council.

I also declare that the details given above are true to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Place :

Date :                                                                                                                    Name & Signature of the applicant


1. Fee for Good Standing Certificate is Rs.2500/-. For sending the certificate directly by fax or speed post or by e-mail to abroad, the fee is Rs.5000/-.

2. Fee can be remitted by the special chalan issued by the Council at the SBT Main Branch, Thiruvananthapuram or by D.D. from any Scheduled Bank payable at the State Bank of Travancore, Thiruvananthapuram, drawn in favour of the Registrar, TravancoreCochin Medical Councils, Thiruvananthapuram.

3. Attested copies of the Registration Certificates (Both basic and additional qualifications) should be produced along with the application.


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AMAI stand on controversies regarding GO on exice issue Lot of confusions are being developed regarding the new amendments of excise rules. The news regarding the punishment to doctors for selling arishtas and asavas in loose bottle is baseless. Doctors have the right to loose or mix arishtas for therapeutic use as per rule 10 of Abkari act. This rule has not been undergone for any amendments. Regarding the exception of sp licence up to 100 lit. of fast moving arishtas a clerical error has been occurred in preparing the amendments . Excise officials have committed the correction at the earliest. Regarding 5 sp 7 licences for a doctor only a circular from excise commissioner is necessary. It is not necessary to mention in rule amendments. Kerala Government has increased the permissible limit of arishtas and asavas . As per new order no excise official will charge cases against doctors if he find more than 10 bottles of dasamoolarishtam in our clinic. But unfortunately corporate movement is ongoing to cancel the new amendment spreading unnecessary panic in doctors community. THOSE WHO MISUSE ARISHTAS AND UNQUALIFIED PRACTITIONERS ARE STRONGLY OBJECTING THE NEW REGULATIONS

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