CCIM has appointed an expert committee to give suggestions on MSR

CCIM Committee for MSR Regulations Amendment

The 49th meeting of the Central Council of Indian Medicine has appointed an expert committee to give suggestions on Minimum Standard Requirement Regulations notified by CCIM on 19 July 2012. The committee comprises Vice Chancellors of All Ayurveda Universities, Directors of eminent institutes includes IPGTR Jamnagar and National Institutes of Ayurveda and experts in CCIM. Pro Vice Chancellor of Kerala University of Health Science Dr.C.Retnakaran , Dr.V.G.Udayakumar (Member CCIM), Dr.Ram Mohan ( Member CCIM) were also included in the committee from Kerala. The council directed the committee to submit the report before 30th of November and also directed the committee to hear all concerned parties if it feels necessary.

During the discussion Dr.V.G.Udayakumar submitted that as the house has constituted a committee to review the MSR, a specific direction should be given to all colleges to maintain status co in staff position. The Hon: president agreed the matter and assured the council that all organizations who submitted memorandum on MSR will be invited for discussion after getting the suggestions from the expert committee and thereafter it will be submitted before Ayurveda committee   and Council General Body respectively. The whole exercise will be completed before December 2012.

BAMS Regulations amendments ratified

The new under graduate regulations notified on 26.04.2012 was reviewed by CCIM committee on 16.08.2012 at IPJTR Jamnagar and the suggestions were ratified by the council. The main points are follows:

  1. The nomenclature of the following subjects in the first professional examination  were changed as follows
    1. Maulika Sidhant & Ayurveda Ithihas  instead of   Padarth Vijnan Avum Ayurveda Ithihas
    2. Ashtang Hrudaya ( Sutra Sthan) instead of Maulika Sidhant  Avum  Ashtang Hrudaya

( Sutra Sthan)

  1. In compulsory rotator internship along with Kayachikitsa  Others also included which can be defined by the Universities. This was included by the submission raised by Dr.V.G.Udayakumar for Agadatantra and Manasaroga clinical postings. Both can be notified by the Universities and the total days also increased accordingly.
  2. The total number of teaching hours is reduced according to the available hours. Accordingly syllabus also rearranged.

The revised regulation and syllabus should be implemented from 2012 – 13 sessions onwards

  1. The first profession syllabus according to the new regulation is also approved by the council.
  2.  2nd & 3rd will be released later on.

The Post graduate regulation amendments ratified

The new post graduate regulations notified on 19.03.2012 were reviewed by CCIM committee on 17.08.2012 at IPJTR Jamnagar and the suggestions were ratified by the council. The main points are follows:

  1. The minimum required additional staff for starting PG course shall be one professor in one Reader and one Lecturer in concerned subject instead of Professor/Reader and one lecturer in concerned subject.
  2. For final examinations there should be one internal and two external examiners out of which one should be from out of state.
  3. The Guide Student ratio will be 1:3 for Professor, 1:2 for Reader & 1:1 for Lecturer and the maximum intake shall not exceed 10/year.

Revision of PG syllabus in view of the new PG regulation

The first PG syllabus work shop was held at CCIM office, Delhi on 28&29. Dr.V.G.Udayakumar, CCIM Member Kerala was one of the co coordinator for the work shop. He convened syllabus work shop in Thiruvanathapuram Aurveda College and gathered suggestions from all PG departments in Kerala which was submitted before all groups and most of the points raised by Kerala have been incorporated in the syllabus. Later final workshop was held at IPJTR Jamnar and the rest were also included. This kind of opportunity to interfere in the syllabus formation in various levels is first time in the history.

  1. The revised Regulation should be enforced from the session 2012 – 13 onwards.
  2. The first Year syllabus ware approved by the council and the rest will be finalized later on.

Number of attempt in Exams increased and Grace Mark’s sanctioned

Ayurveda committee agreed to waive the restriction of the number of attempt and also decided to adopt provision of grace marks up to a maximum 5 marks may be awarded at the discretion of the University to a student who has failed only one subject but has passed in all subjects.

Regular PhD study period will be considered for teaching experience

Ayurveda committee agreed to treat the duration of regular Ph.D as teaching experience for the appointment of teaching staff.

Sanskrit teacher promotion issue

  1. The Sanskrit teacher having PhD will be given promotion according to the UGC norms.
  2. They won’t be eligible for the post of HOD in Samhitha & Sidhantha department or Principal.
  3. On retirement of senior faculty the lecturer post will be vacant.

Inclusion of Ayurveda in School syllabus

The Council decided to write a letter to CBSE and state boards of primary and Secondary education to consider the inclusion of Ayurveda at deferent levels. Moreover , Department of Ayush may also be requested to write a letter to concerned authorities in the state boards.




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